Understanding Cyber Security

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Understanding Cyber Security

As technology has advanced there has been a lot of information that moved to digital spaces. With important information being stored digitally, came the need to protect it digitally. Cyber security is the act of protecting information or hardware from a digital attack.

A Malware attack is an example of a digital attack that can happen to your computer. In a malware attack, viruses may be accidentally downloaded online by clicking a link.

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This means it’s important to not click anything suspicious or untrusted.

Firewalls are used in cyber security to protect your computer. They work to block your computer from being able to download any suspicious files. In doing so firewalls protect us from viruses or any harmful malware.

Cyber attacks can happen to anyone, however, attacks against large companies can be much worse. This is because businesses usually have a lot of important data that people might want to take a look at.

Overall, the internet can be a dangerous place. As we become more and more digital, it becomes more important to have good cyber security. It’s also important to learn about the process and the dangers that you might face. You want to be as prepared as you can be for any cyber-attacks.


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