How Does a Grain Dryer Work?

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How Does a Grain Dryer Work?

If you aren’t in the business of farming, chances are that you have never seen a grain dryer. As you can probably imagine, grain is not perfectly processed from the moment it is picked. It needs to go through a variety of processes before it is ready to depart from local farms.

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The integration of a grain dryer is crucial to the process, and the machine is, quite frankly, very interesting to examine. In this video, we will take a look at the ins and outs of grain drying and how this designated machine works.

The process of grain drying can be split up into 4 separate phases called filling, drying, cooling, and discharging. When in the filling stage, the grain is fed into a small pan below the machine, being funneled into a long tube that dispenses it into the main chamber. Using gas power, the grain is then spun vigorously to dry it completely through. Once the grain is done circulating, it is then cooled. Finally, it comes out of a chute at the very top of the machine and put back into the bin it started in.


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