2 Key Ways Brand Development Is Used to Build Businesses

July 20, 2015 by - Business consulting strategy, Mobile app development agency, Social media agency new york

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As a business owner, you already know that developing an innovative strategy to promote your brand is essential to business success. Research shows just how important branding is after a recent study proved that 67% of millennials commit to a brand for extended periods of time based on the ability to easily recognize it, combined with the brand’s level of trust. Brand development, however, is a demanding time commitment. To strategically develop and manage a brand requires intensive market research before being able to perfect the brand’s product design and development to better appeal to consumers. When branding becomes too strategically intensive for businesses to handle in-house, many companies turn to an innovation consultant or brand development agency to increase brand trust and recognition. In this article, we’ll explore a few techniques brand development companies and consultants use to perfect brands.

Website Development

The internet is a powerful tool businesses use to connect with potential customers around the world. Because studies show that will be over 5 billion people connected to the internet by 2020, building a reputable web presence is an essential marketing tactic for any lasting company. When doing their website development, an innovation consultant will obviously focus on enhancing the site’s digital media. According to 69% of consumers, however, it’s the unique content that is placed onto the site that is most important. Therefore, the best innovation consultants will commonly contract content writers to develop the site’s capturing text.

Brand Loyalty

A successful innovative consultant is able to design a brand that is easily recognized by the public. Brand loyalty is one of the leading reasons consumers choose one product over another; however what’s even more impressive is the fact that a repeat customer spends 67% more than a new customer. Therefore, creating a brand presence in the physical world is just as important as developing one online. Using a brand logo on all products produced by a company is one strategic example an innovative consultant might use to drive brand loyalty among consumers.

The value of a highly visible and trusted brand is priceless. A strong brand presence in both the tangible and online marketplaces can build customer loyalty and subsequently increase revenue. If your business has been struggling to retain existing clients, or if your marketing efforts are weakened by a poorly designed website or logo, consider brainstorming your options with a brand development company.

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