How UPS Systems Can Adapt to You

August 2, 2015 by - Business phone systems, Sound masking solution, Ups system

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Are you worried about your hard drives crashing and losing important, irreplaceable information? Do power fluctuations occur frequently in your office? Having an uninterrupted power supply system in place can prevent downtime while protecting your operating systems during power fluctuations. A UPS provides emergency power when your regular power supply source fails. Power outages cost the U.S. $80 billion every single year, so having a UPS in place can save you large amounts of money and time.

There are different types of UPS systems available on the market. These include:

  • Line Interactive UPS
  • Double Conversion
  • Delta Conversion UPS

Over 140,000 hard drives crash each week in the U.S, and many of these are due to power fluctuations or outages. Downtime can cost a company over $50,000 per hour, according to a survey done by USA Today. By having a backup disaster system in place, the company can save money, hard drives, and prevent large amounts of downtime. Sensitive data will also be protected while providing great backup security systems. Each type of UPS system has their features which make them standout.

Line Interactive UPS

The line interactive UPS is a type of disaster recovery plan in that if the power fails
, the battery automatically switches on and power the operating systems. The battery is powered by operating the inverter in reverse, while the power is set at normal levels. This UPS system is small in size and suited for a wide range of power applications.

Double Conversion

For a higher voltage system, a double UPS system is commonly used. The power path is focused on the inverter and takes virtually no time to transfer between modes. The input AC charges the backup battery which powers the output battery.

Delta Conversion UPS

The delta conversion UPS design has an inverter that continuously supplies a load voltage as well as issues power to the inverter output. This design allows the unit to provide a better energy performance and is compatible with generators.

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