Homes Without Surveillance Systems Are 300% More Likely To Be Robbed Are You Safe?

November 25, 2017 by - Commercial security system, Security system installation omaha, Surveillance systems

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A home is always at risk for a break-in. Yes, even yours.

Perhaps you don’t think about it much as you get ready for your day. You have deadlines to meet and chores to attend to. Why would you worry overmuch about something that may or may not happen? As it stands, home burglaries are on the rise and it’s becoming ever more possible yours could be next. Over two million home intrusions are reported every single year in the United States, costing homeowners thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in damage. When you have children? This risk can go well beyond financial. Staying safe relies not on being reactive, but proactive attitudes.

Let’s talk about home security so you can go about your day without extra fear you don’t need.

Preventing against home invasion is a change in perspective. This means overlooking a lot of common media stereotypes and getting closer to the truth. Nearly 35% of all burglars will actually enter through the front door as opposed to the classic window or roof. This is not only due to ease, but because it’s harder to look suspicious when entering through the front of the house. A passerby could assume it’s a friend or a family member. This isn’t the only troubling statistic, however, and you’ll find just as many burglaries are contingent on irresponsible behavior as well as bad luck.

In the flurry of the work week, many homeowners find themselves underestimating common sense. Nearly 30% of burglars will enter through an unlocked door or window, meaning a good amount of forced entry could have been easily prevented. The majority of burglaries also take place in the afternoon rather than night. Why is that? A major component is that nighttime is inconvenient for burglars, forcing them to rely on light and tools that could be easily detected. Another reason is that most homeowners are inside at night, creating the added risk of confrontation should they wake up.

When people are often at school or work during the day, it’s not surprising robberies choose the best (or, rather, worst) possible time. What does this mean for your own home security ventures? Even the most prepared homeowner can risk a break-in, so installing surveillance systems will give you peace-of-mind that the culprit can be found and brought to justice. There are an impressive 18 million home security systems installed throughout the United States, though this number is still expected to increase as awareness grows. The losses from all reported property crimes back in 2013 was nearly $17 billion.

An added benefit to smart security systems are their preventative measures. An interview with convicted burglars sussed out some useful tips following the addition of a home security system. An impressive nine out of 10 burglars will outright avoid homes with alarm systems in place. Those that were already in the process of entering through a home? They would leave and try to find an alternative. Over 60% of all burglaries are done through forcible entry (such as breaking a window or shoving open a door), so this extra step can mean the difference between a safe home and thousands of dollars lost.

You can also save money after installing video surveillance systems. Many insurance providers are very eager to save on precious time and money, so they’ll offer discounts as high as 20% when a home security system is installed. All in all, homes without a good commercial security system in place are over 300% more likely to be broken into. Surveillance technology has never been better and is able to be cost-efficient and energy-efficient while giving you the records you need in case of a break-in.

Don’t cross your fingers and hope you get lucky. Make sure by investing in a surveillance system.

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