Cloud Industry Relieved That Aereo Ruling Has Little Effect on Cloud

Many involved in the cloud computing industry were worried about what the decision against Aereo Inc. could mean for cloud hosting. The U.S. Supreme Court finally came to a decision that potentially spells the end of Aereo as a company. The Supreme Court ruled that, as many suspected, Aereo did indeed violate broadcasters’ copyrights. Aereo’s […]

July 7, 2014   Cloud business phone, Cloud solution company, San francisco solutions consultant

Could Cloud Computing Do More for the Earth Than Electric Cars?

Could cloud computing do more to save the earth than switching to electric cars? According to Wired, the answer is yes. Zach Rosen, who runs an online company called Pantheon, is one of the main proponents of this idea. He believes we can dramatically reduce the world’s energy consumption simply by switching to cloud computing […]

July 1, 2014   Dallas business phone system, High speed internet services, Server hosting companies

Three Things You Should Expect from Any Custom Shipping Case

Does your business need to transport items safely and efficiently? If so, traditional packaging methods may not cut it. Instead, it may be necessary to use custom packaging solutions made for heavy duty purposes. Custom design packaging encompasses a variety of different uses and is made from any material you need. From shipping cases for […]

June 27, 2014   Airline container leasing, Custom packaging bags, Custom packaging company