The Three Best Internet Marketing Strategies You Need to Start Using

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For many businesses, eMarketer’s recent estimation that web surfers will spend $1.5 trillion on goods and services purchased online in 2014 just seems crazy. Their search engine optimization marketing strategies don’t seem to be working, and there is only a slow trickle — if that — rolling into their business’s coffers. What’s the issue? Frankly, too many businesses lack a real understanding of search engine optimization basics, and without that understanding, their chances of generating any real revenue on the worldwide web are nearly non-existent. If you’re one of the many whose online marketing efforts just aren’t having any effect, you really ought to consider using the three best internet marketing strategies out there.

The Three Best Internet Marketing Strategies You Need to Start Using

  1. Great Content is Key to Effective Internet Marketing Strategies
  2. As Search Engine Watch details, writing and publishing great content is the “definitive method” for increasing brand recognition and growing sales in the online age. Why? According to Inbound Writer, 61% of web users say they are more likely to buy from a company when that company consistently produces engaging, useful content. If you’re still stuck writing link bait and keyword stuffed articles, you really shouldn’t be surprised things aren’t going so well.

  3. Custom Web Site Design is a Must
  4. How your web page is designed will affect the way web surfers see everything on your web site, whether it’s product listings, content marketing, or otherwise, according to Forbes. Subsequently, you need to make sure your web site is designed with all the latest trends in mind, particularly those that make it easier for mobile users to find and navigate your site. If you can’t do this for yourself, there’s no shame in hiring an internet marketing company that can do it for you.

  5. Social Media Helps Drive Small Businesses
  6. In a very real way, the internet has pulled back the curtain on marketing. Thanks to a decade of being inundated with poorly written marketing content and ads that now stream on Youtube, Spotify, and elsewhere, web surfers know exactly what marketing looks like — they’re not the biggest fans. The key to successful marketing online is taking the human approach and, as points out, social media, with over two-billion users, is the best way to take that human approach.

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